Let me guess, you have the perfect picture with the perfect caption that will get the right amount of likes. You’re ready to upload to Insta, but there’s one thing – all of your editing tools are on your computer, so you email, download, edit, email, upload. This strategy has always worked been excruciatingly time consuming, and you’re ready for a faster solution. Whether you’re Android, iOS, Zack Morris Brick Phone, or Windows, Google Photos will help you in real-time editing that skips all the unnecessary steps you’ve grown accustomed to. Wanna know more about what Google Photos can do for you? Keep reading.

The two most convenient components of Google Photos are accessibility and expandability. Not only can your photos be accessed from anywhere on any device, moving your photos to your Google Photos app frees up phone storage, alleviating the pressure of pesky “Storage Almost Full” and “Cannot Take Photo” notifications we all know and hate. Even better? This is all possible by simply downloading the app and setting up automatic backups.



  • Open the Google Photos app on your device
  • At the top, select Menu
  • Select Settings > Back up & sync
  • At the top, switch it on or off


iPhone & iPad

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Apple device
  • At the top left, select Menu
  • Select Settings > Back up & sync
  • Switch it on or off
    • If you see a message asking for permission for this app:
      1. Open the iOS settings app > select Privacy > Photos
      2. Switch Google Photos on


  • Download the desktop uploader
  • After install, you can set it up to automatically backup photos and videos from a phone, camera, or storage card that’s connected to your computer.

While seemingly small tasks, alleviating everyday hassles such as these free up time to focus on priority items – meaning better work habits, meaning more Real Housewives. Want to know more about Google Photos, Google Apps, my dogs, or anything Google? Shoot me a message!