We all know the struggle of a work phone, personal phone, remembering to use the right one for this email, for that text, etc.. Thankfully, separate work and personal phones are a thing of the past, and with convenient tools and apps, merging our lives into one 6” x 3” device has never been easier. And just one phone doesn’t mean just one number – with apps like Google Voice, you can have another phone within your phone, a meta-phone if you will, that allows you to send a text to your spouse on one screen while sending an email to your boss on another.

Google Voice’s features allow you to send texts, make calls, and receive voicemails, all to a number within the app, allowing a clear divide between your personal and business lives.

Google Voice features include:

  • Free phone number
  • Works on multiple devices (smartphones and computers) with real-time sync
  • Calls, texts, and voicemails are stored and searchable
  • Group chats
  • Voicemails are transcribed and emailed to you for easy accessibility
  • International calls can be made at competitive rates

You also might recognize the layout of the app with it following the same layout as other GSuite applications.