Whether you’ve got multiple businesses or just multiple domains for your business,

G Suite makes it easy to manage all of your email addresses in one place without the need to create additional G Suite accounts for each domain.

G Suite provides two solutions for multiple email addresses:

Domain aliases

A domain alias is multiple email addresses for the same account. For example, my primary email address is jess@jessbledsoe.com, but I also have jessica@jessbledsoe.com, jbledsoe@jessbledsoe.com, and hello@jessbledsoe.com as domain aliases. Regardless of which address someone emails me at, they all come to my inbox. This is especially helpful if you have a name that is commonly misspelled. Set up a domain alias for all of the ways someone could misspell your name so you’ll never miss important communications again.

To add a domain alias:

  1. Sign into your Google admin console
  2. Select Users
  3. Choose your profile
  4. Select Account
  5. Select Add an Alias

Multiple domains

Multiple domains are pretty self-explanatory. I currently have 4 domains linked to my G Suite account, one for each of my businesses. They each have their own email signature and by default, my reply email will default to whichever account the sender emailed me at. More on this after we import the domains.

Add a domain to your Google account:

  1. Sign in to your Google admin console
  2. Select Domains
  3. Select Add/remove domains > Add a domain
  4. Enter the name of the domain you want to add (Note: you must own the domain name)
  5. Select Continue and verify domain ownership
  6. Follow the instructions to verify you own the domain
  7. Select  Verify and continue to setup email delivery
  8. Update the domain’s MX records to route email to Google’s mail servers
  9. Select I have completed these steps

To view the status of your domain verification, go back to the Domains page in the admin console. Immediately after the steps above have been completed, the status should read “Updating.” Once verified, the status should read “Active.”

Once the domain has been verified, you’ll need to add the new domain & email address to your Gmail inbox

  1. Navigate to your inbox
  2. Select the gear icon > settings
  3. Select Accounts & Import
  4. Send mail as > add another email address
  5. Enter the new email address (name@yourdomain.com)
  6. Lastly, select your reply settings under ‘When replying to a message’


The ability to manage additional domains and domain aliases is just one tool Google provides its users. Want to know more about Google domains or need help setting up your own? Schedule a free consultation today!

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